Construction of 8 MW solar power plant.


“VITO ENERGY” Limited Liability Company.

Project details:

6350 solar panels with a capacity of 380 watts were installed.

33 inverters and 2 transformer substations of 1000 and 1600 kVA have been installed. 2000 m of power cable has been laid.

Duration of construction – 4 months.

The payback period of the project is 4.5 years.

Investment attractiveness – the construction of an industrial solar power plant allows to return the invested funds for 5 years. Solar energy is an infinite and absolutely free resource for the consumer, which does not need to be delivered, assembled and stored at the place of generation.

Energy independence – the installation of a backup industrial solar power plant allows to ensure the independence of the energy supply facility from the centralized system.

The construction of an industrial solar power plant is an opportunity to position your company as socially responsible, focused in its activities on advanced innovative technologies.

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